The weather was bad on Citizenship Day, but the show went on!

We had a successful day at Pioneer park which is located across the street from the Mormon Mesa Temple.   However, we had horrible weather that day where the wind gusts were so strong that it blew the jumper Maria bought as an attraction for kids to be entertained at our Citizennship Day Event.

Luckily, Joe Penalosa rented a covered area that provided cover for us all.  We had hotdogs, drinks and chips, and several of us knocked on doors at apartment complexes and neighborhoods that stirred everyone to come to where we were.

Joe Penalosa gave free legal advice to legal permanent residents so that they can be citizens of the United States.  We registered only a few people to vote, but were able to collect Legislative District 18 signatures to recall Russell Pearce.  Luckily the rain did not start until about 1:30 pm when we finally had to pack up and go, but all in all, we believe the event was succcessful even though the weather eventually took a turn for the worse.

On a special note:  A few of us went to the corner of Pioneer park holding large banner to “Stop Russell Pearce”, and we received several thumbs up and honks from members of the Mormon Community who were visiting the Mesa Mormon Temple in Mesa, Arizona.

Sal the Clown at our Citizenship Day Event.


Immigration lawyer, Joe Penalosa giving free legal advice on Citizenship Day



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