Recall Russell Pearce Update

Happy Friday everyone, and here’s looking forward to a fun filled, liberty inspired, and justice driven Spring Break!  The vast immigrant and individual rights communities, from what we’ve seen, are alive and of high spirits.  Demonstrations, actions, and calls for civic engagement all around the state are shaping up to be tremendously successful, including outreach in greater Mesa and LD 18.

Members of Arizonans For Better Government first met during the early 2010 campaign season and got to know the vibrant and diverse Mesa community while we worked on the campaign to replace him with a fiscally responsible, individual liberty-minded, vehemently anti-SB 1070 oponent.  Though we were unsuccessful with Andrea Garcia’s campaign, the outcry from the Mesa community against, specifically, the Pearce-minded Republicans was not lost on any of us.  As a strong network of community activists from diverse political backgrounds, we came together again at the dawn of 2011’s legislative session, vigilant and ready to begin anew as talk of attacks on our Constitution became stronger in the Pearce-led State Senate. As you all know, we officially started our efforts to recall Senate President Russell Pearce.  Subsequently, another group filed a recall a couple of days afterward.

The vast scope of our efforts both as a coalition and within the greater immigrant, Latino, and individual rights movements has been tremendous thus far and we look forward with optimism to further successes.  The principles for which we stand are solid, and thus our message continues to be well received within the Libertarian movement which values government restraint, the Progressive movement whose tenants speak to social justice, and the Conservative movement which supports traditional social values.  We’ve been canvassing, for a second time, the communities we got to know so well during the last election cycle in Mesa and are encouraged by support from businesses and church leaders.

The biggest win with regard to our efforts is getting a special supporter who is a devout member and a member of the high council of the Mormon Church.  We have scheduled lectures that will be specifically aimed to members of the LDS community as well as the business community.  We look forward to groups that hold up to 300 at a time.  We know that Mesa has a Mormon stronghold, and in order for us to have an overall effective campaign, we must win over the Mormon community.  It is imperative for them to know that Russell Pearce (a member of the LDS community) refuses to listen to the Mormon Prophet, and he refused to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

In the current political climate, it’s unfortunate that traditional, non-grassroots campaign philosophy relies so heavily on financial support to give voice to the oppressed and concerned members of our Arizona community.  As a grassroots effort, we’ve had tremendous success through continued dialogue with community leaders, on the ground canvassing in Mesa, and volunteer support.  There’s been an outpouring of support for and interest in both our recall effort and the one launched by Citizens For A Better Arizona the following week.  Naturally, economic needs are paramount in these tough economic times, and unlike the second recall effort, we’re not in a position to court the activist community’s volunteers with the incentive of financial reward, either per hour or per signature.  We’re all fighting for the same goals, the center of which is recalling Pearce, and Arizonans For Better Government understands the principles Free Market Economics.  There’s no need for competitiveness and redundancy in efforts, and so at this time we encourage volunteer circulators to accept the generous offer by Citizens For A Better Arizona to earn compensation for their work and thus strengthen a single recall effort.

With the ever growing legislative assault on individual liberty, immigrant rights, and the US Constitution in our state government, the best strategy is one of cohesive teamwork and complementary efforts.  We continue to stand by our original goal of recalling Russell Pearce and the broader efforts of combating xenophobia and assaults on individual rights in our state.  We look forward to joining together in unity to further bring enlightenment and encourage civic engagement in this continuing effort.  This includes continued communication with and promotion of local, state, and national reporters and bloggers to keep elected officials accountable regardless of party affiliation.  Additionally, we’re working with the Arizona Libertarian Party and look forward to seeing their series of position statements on the overlap between individual liberties and immigrant rights and on the fallacies of the Pearce Republicans’ claims of libertarian compatibility with overreaching laws.  Further, we look forward to keeping everyone abreast of truly progressive Democratic and Green Party individuals’ continued outreach in this fight.  We’ll be bringing you more information on Somos Republicans’ Twelve Point Immigration Plan and the dialogue it continues to foster nation-wide.

Also, mindful of the ever Mormon Community in the East Valley and Greater Arizona, we’re working with Somos Republicans to appeal to the LDS community’s unwaivering patriotic support of our Constitution.  Russell Pearce has violated two principles that Mormons hold near and dear to their hearts: 1)  What the Mormon Prophet says, and 2) Upholding our Constitution.

Somos Republicans recognize the powerful stronghold the Mormon Community has in Mesa, Arizona.  To fully win the recall efforts, the change in Mesa will have to be from within the LDS community.  This is the time for Mesa’s Mormon leaders to change the image Russell Pearce has helped to destroy.  It will take the courageous and bold steps of LDS members to follow Utah’s lead and what the Mormon prophet has embraced.  The Mormon prophet has embraced the Utah Compact and the healthy discussion of immigration — Russell Pearce has not.  We have schedule a series of lectures titled “A Fire Side on Immigration”.  We want to be a strong catalyst to remind the Mesa community to follow in the footsteps of the Mormon Prophet.  Without the LDS community support of our efforts, our Recall of Russell Pearce will ultimately fail.  Building upon the connections within the LDS community we’ve made so far, we look forward to our series of Fireside Lectures by a prominent Mormon Community Member and anticipate positive reception.

Perhaps the best outcome after successfully completing this recall signature drive would be for these dialogues to inspire a brave, patriotic, and virtuous Mormon to heed the call for a new conservative leader in LD 18 to fill the shoes of an oft disappointing Russell Pearce in representing the Mesa Community.

The Immigrant Justice and Individual Rights movements are vibrant and headed towards many a victory and we look forward to working together cohesively to accomplish important goals including the successful recall of Senate President Russell Pearce.  Everyone brings something unique to this fight and we look forward to experiencing everyone’s continued positive contributions of hard work, passion, and cooperation.

Most Sincerely with Liberty and Justice For All,

Arizonans For Better Government

DeeDee Blase, Chairwoman

Halina Reed, Treasurer

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